General terms

Standard Terms
The supplier of electricity is Red Sea Energy AS. In this text the buyer of electricity is called “customer”. The conditions in the terms of the agreement are accepted when the customer applies for a switch to Red Sea Energy as an electricity supplier. The customer relationship is established when Red Sea Energy has accepted the application. The customer is obliged to familiarize themselves with the conditions below. Delivery of electricity from Red Sea Energy takes place in accordance with the terms below. If matters are not affected in the terms of the agreement, the Consumer Ombudsman’s standard power supply agreement applies. Updated terms will at all times be available on Red Sea Energy’s website

Red Sea Energy is not responsible if a customer who orders electricity from Red Sea Energy breaches a binding agreement with another supplier. Red Sea Energy reserves the right to credit check new electricity customers. Red Sea Energy reserves the right not to accept customers for the supply of electricity. The power supply starts within the cancellation period if practically possible. If the customer regrets within the deadline, he will therefore be invoiced for consumed power, cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act §21, but any fixed fees will be deducted. It is stated that in the event of regret, the customer is put on hold at his network supplier and that it will therefore be advantageous for the customer to find a new power supplier rather than terminate the agreement.

Monthly spot price (area price) from the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool + current monthly fee, surcharge per kWh and public fees. Spot follows the power exchange. Fixed price is guaranteed for 12 months. After 12 months the customer is notified if there should be any changes.

The agreements are invoiced monthly – in arrears. The invoice is sent by email, Post, or can also be created by direct debit with a monthly deduction directly from the customer’s bank account.

When reminded, a reminder fee is calculated. Regarding debt collection, reference is made to the Debt Collection Act (Act of 26 May 1988 no. 26). If payment is not made within the payment deadline, the power delivery can be stopped after 14 days prior notice, if the customer has not repaired the payment default within that time.

The data processing takes place in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Act. Email addresses will not be passed on without the customer’s consent.
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