What is a grid?

  • Grid rental is the grid through which you get the power.

Who owns the grid?

  • Both private and public companies own the grid. There are over 100 grid owners in Norway.

What is grid rent?

  • Grid rent is money every electricity consumer pays to be able to get electricity (power) through the grid.

Why do we pay grid rent?

  • The money you pay to the grid goes to maintain the grid. For example, replace the old. And if there is an accident where the grid is destroyed, there must be someone who pays to fix this. That is why we pay grid rent.

Do we have to pay grid rent?

  • Yes. It is state regulated. And according to Norwegian law, everyone must pay grid rent. Read more about laws here: https://lovdata.no/dokument/SF/forskrift/1999-03-11-301

Who decides on the grid rental price?

  • It is the grid owners themselves who decide the prices.
  • Grid rental rates may vary by location.
  • A grid owner sells at the same price to all grid users (you) in the area the grid owner is.

What is the relationship between a grid owner and a power supplier such as Red Sea Energy AS?

  • Red Sea Energy AS can in no way affect the grid rent. The grid rental price is independent of the power price.